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Mistakes happen. Our website is technical and occasionally, through user error and/ or a glitch we make pricing errors. If a discount deal is too good to be true it probably is a pricing error or a glitch. We reserve the right to cancel orders, refund monies and correct pricing errors/ glitches on our website as well as in our newsletter, regardless of the reason for the error.

All photos and descriptions of designs on the web site are copyrighted and are the property of souglyitscute.com. On 5.29.2017 our terms and conditions were updated to read: The souglyitscute.com kingtutsnakedbutts and sphynxcats.com  watermark as well as the frame must be left intact on all photos. Please do not add your logo to our photos.

Please note: I occasionally publish  customers photos on my web site. You MAY NOT use my customer's photos to promote the items you are selling. No exceptions.

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